Super foods that Fight Cancer

Cancer is the second most deadly disease spread around the entire world. In Thailand every 20 minutes is diagnosed a person with cancer. In most of the cases this is a disease that cannot be cured, causing so fatal outcomes. The best thing that can be done to prevent cancer from attacking our body or even fighting it is the daily diet that we follow. A healthy diet full of 100% fruit juice, vegetables, and fibers can help you create those barriers against cancer.

As cancer growths and develops from the free radicals in the body, you should choose foods that contain vitamin A, C and E, also foods rich in photochemical. You can easily find these elements in dark loaf vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, romaine lettuce, and in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

Another super-food that should be added to the fight-against-cancer foods is tomato. Tomato is rich in vitamin A, C, and E. Not only do they prevent heart diseases but also the vitamins that can be found in tomatoes fight the free radicals.

Moreover, there is watermelon, a fruit full of water and antioxidants. It also contains 80% of the daily dose of vitamin C that our body should take. As the tomatoes are, watermelon is full of beta carotene (vitamin A), and lycopene.

In addition, one of the most decisive vegetables against rectal cancer is cabbage which due to its crucial deterrence of fibers and the half percentage of vitamin C (50%), it is listed in the sides of super foods that are in ‘combat’ with the most dangerous enemy of the whole. Except cabbage, there is another substantial vegetable such as carrots which are highly important against cancer, and contain not only fiber or beta carotene, but also they are compound to have the triple amount of vitamin A allowed per day.

What is more significant is the fact that kidney beans in the amount of ¼ of a cup contain the same quantity of fibers and proteins as for two ounces of red meat. Also, wheat pasta and broccoli are full of fibers and vitamins A and C. So, want to fight cancer diseases? Then, have them all together or mix them as you want to make you immune system undefeatable.

Want to add more nutrient-rich foods in your daily plan? Well, you might have a look at blueberries and strawberries which are rich in fiber and vitamin C. These small but important fruits are very easily ‘manipulated’ or combined with your cereal meal or if you want to with your low-fat yogurt.

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