Flush the Fat with Smart Food Choices

Ann Louise Gittleman, a well-known nutritionist with a Ph.D. and a C.N.S., has created a marvelous diet plan which is spread out in three stages. Known as the “Fat Flash Plan,” its main goal is to maintain your body in a good form and it is also low in carbohydrate.

The three stages of this plan begin with phase 1 which is designed to last two weeks and it is known as the “Two Week Fat Flush”. Its main purpose is to lead your metabolism directly to the loss of your weigh. Stage 2 comes with the purpose of helping you to achieve your first goal mentioned above. This phase is known as the “Ongoing Fat Flush.” Keeping your body balance and having your system works perfectly is the main ‘topic’ of the third stage known as the “Lifestyle Eating Plan.”

Gittleman’s idea of this plan was very simple: to quicken the burning stage of the fat, to make the metabolism even better, and to get rid of the food’s bloat. As the people around the world, especially in Thailand, are being living out of the ideal way of feeding, meaning that not having their perfect balance diet, Gittleman just asks for self-desire and good will to make the plan happen, and what’s most important, to help you understand what good living means. All the stages of the diet plan have the same purpose to take a daily doses of some main nutrition, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that help in burning calories. Moreover, having some hours of sleep per day is a great idea because it helps a lot, but also different kind of exercises and work outs.

Beginning with the first phase, the “Two Week Fat Flush,” it consists on limited number of calories per day, varying from 1100 to 1200 calories. This first stage of the whole diet packet is like a start point for you to begin losing some weigh. In this phase of your diet, you are going to get rid of the cellulite from your most ‘spice’ parts of the body: thighs, buttocks and hips.

The second step on the long way to have a perfect body is the “Ongoing Fat Flush.” This is normally seen as an opportunity to continue losing other kilos for them who want to pursue in saying goodbye to their fat areas of the body. As in the phase 1, the number of calories per day here varies and increases a bit due to the fact that you may have the chance to enjoy some different kinds of foods. So the number of calories in this stage is 1200 to 1500 per day. You are going to follow the instructions of this stage until you find it necessary for your body. If you have reached your goal, you can stop and going for the next and the last stage of the diet plan.

If you want a balanced, normal and functional body system for a long time period, have a look to the third phase of the diet packet, the “Lifestyle Eating Plan.” The calories here are increased more than in the two stages, from 1500 calories per day and up. The reason why the number of calories is such big is that you have the chance to create your vital life and live better than before. The secret stands to the fact that you will have to be familiar with dairy products (two of them) and carbs (also two of them).

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