Super Delicious Fruits

F ruits are essential for proper human nutrition and diet. Because fruits are naturally low in calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol etc. Fruits are containing a lot of vitamins and nutrients which are essential for the human body to free from illness. Fruits are made up about 90% to 95% water and we know water is one kind of the essential nutrients of human body. Fruits also one kind of source of energy in the human body, because fruits contain carbohydrate and we know carbohydrates are the quickest source of energy. There are many fruits all over the world. So it is difficult to tell about 10 top super fruits in the world. Here we tell 10 top super fruits in base of the percentage of Nutrient density, Antioxidant strength, Research intensity and potential for disease impact. These fruits are:

Acai: Acai’s main geographic origin is Brazil and the scientific name is Euterpe oleracea. It has possible anti-oxidant activity which may help prevent diseases. Some cosmetics and beauty product are produced from Acai oil.

Blueberry: Blueberry’s main geographic origin Canada or USA and its scientific name is Vaccinium angustifolium. The blueberry contains antioxidants, Phyto Flavonoids and vitamin C which may help lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and other disease. Its nutrient density, antioxidant strength is low that’s why anyone can enjoy berries as frozen just as good as fresh.

Cranberry: Cranberry’s main origin is USA and the scientific name is Vaccinium macrocarpon. It is evergreen dwarf shrubs. It’s mainly used to produce juice drinks, sauce and sweetened. It contains vitamin C, dietary fiber and phytochemical. It’s delicious tastes is good for health.

Red Grape: Red Grape’s main origin is USA and the scientific name is Vitis vinifera. It is the source for world’s finest wine.

Guarana: Guarana’s main origin is Brazil and Venezuela. Its scientific name is Paullinia cupana. It used to produce sweetened, carbonated soft drinks and energy shots.

Mangosteen: Mangosteen’s main origin is Malaysia and its scientific name is Garcinia mangistana. It used to treat skin infections or wounds, dysentery or urinary tract infections

Noni: Noni’s main origin is South Pacific Islands and its scientific name is Morinda citrifolia. Noni is an evergreen shrub and commonly combined with other fruits to make juice. Its leaves also used to produce capsules, tablets and teas.

Pomegranate:  Pomegranate’s Mediterranean Region, USA and its scientific name is Punica granatum. It is a delicious fruit and used to make jams, juice, jelly etc. In Indian subcontinent it also used for Ayurvadic medicine. This fruit is very healthy and contains vitamin and anti-oxidants.

Seabuckthorn:  Seabuckthorn’s main origin is China and its scientific name is Hippophae rhamnoides. These fruits are used to make jam, pies, lotions and liquors.

Grapefruit: it contains many nutrients and phytochemical which are responsible for healthy diet. It also contains vitamin C, fiber pectin and beneficial anti-oxidants lycopene which is supported immune system and help to reduce cold symptoms.

For greater wellness fruit is a desirable thing. By eating fruits anyone can feel better, perform better and enjoy life more than ever.

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