Super foods that get you Moving

Nowadays, passivity is the most dangerous phenomena happening to most of the people in the world. In America, 4 million people suffer from a serious disease known as “constipation.” It comes from the bad habits we all have in eating and what we choose as our daily routine meal. Instead of making our mealtime reach in fibers (30 gr. /day) and proteins, we make the opposite thing.

Having in your daily diet a regime of fibers helps not only your digestive tract, but also it is a needed for our bowels, increasing so the frequency of their movements

What about water? You should probably drink to twelve 8-oz glasses of water fighting in this way the process of dehydration of your body. It would be perfectly chosen if after each meal or after each hour of the day you will drink a glass of water.

In addition, it is important that in your diet program you include also some barley grass and wheat because if you make a mix with them, it helps for constipation. In Thailand, this kind of mixing wheat with barley in a glass of water is very common. They take two to three teaspoons of dehydrated barley and wheat or each of them separated not together in a glass of water. It is allowed to have another of this nutrient rich mix later after some hours. They are very effective and influence to improve the function of our digestive tract.

Having a rich diet full of nutrition foods is the key to avoid several malfunctions of the body system, such as dehydration, bowel passivity which consist on the show up of the constipation. Adding different important foods in your daily diet helps your body more and more. For instance, try to be familiar with prunes and bran which are very efficient in easing constipation. They have some purificatory effects to soothe constipation. Moreover, if you take a dose of eight ounces of aloe Vera juice you have made a good step in the process of avoiding the bowels’ problem.

You will also need some foods which can help with the absorption of the nutrients. These kinds of foods are usually rich in Vitamin C which is a great solution. For example, having in your nutrient-rich diet strawberries, lemon juice, parsley, bell pepper, oranges, papaya, broccoli, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower helps your body performing in a great way.


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