Top Ten Fitness App on iPhone

There are some reasons which make people want to use iPhone as their daily mobile device support. The very first reason of course will be about the fact that this product is made by one of the biggest and the most reliable technology company in the world, Apple. It is also the smart phone which offers a lot of interesting and useful features as well as applications which can really support almost any kind of activity people have to do including their fitness project. Among a lot of fitness application which can be found, there is ten best option of fitness application.

1.  Boot Camp Challenge
This workout application is very exciting because it includes more than 200 different exercises for beginner and advanced users. It is exciting because the exercise is made for suiting the equipment which people have in their home for their workout support.

2.  Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder
Yoga is chosen by many people for their fitness exercise because it is good for their physic and mental at the same time. There is no need to wait for yoga class schedule since yoga practice can be learned from this application with more than 140 positions.

3.  P90X
This program is quite popular for workout and it is brought for iPhone users now. He practice program can be chosen according to the part of the body which wants to be trained. The packs can be added anytime needed.

4.  Intelli-Diet
Natural and well balanced diet is needed for supporting the workout effort and this application will help iPhone users for calculating their diet menu which is suitable with their body condition and their expectation from the fitness program they take.

5.  Lose It!
Many people have big ambition about losing weight and this free application must be great support since it can help people tracking anything they eat every day and even controlling the budget for after the healthy diet program for losing weight.

6.  Tap & Track
Working out with weight loss purpose will involve many aspect including calorie amount intake, workout, and weight aspect. It will be tracked daily by this application with other nutrients information as well.

7.  FitView
Tracking exercise should be controlled for them who take weight loss or fitness program. This application has the function for tracking not only exercise but also outdoor activity with graphic and visual which makes people more excited to track their progress.

8.  Runmeter GPS
This is running stopwatch application which will be ready for providing the reading of workout and making better progress in running with correct result.

9.  iStayFit
There is no need to find fitness trainer for creating the exercise program because this application will help people make their very own fitness program and at the same time it will help to track this program. Animation is added for helping people do the exercise correctly.

10.  Gym Buddy
People will get the guide for exercising from this application but it is quite reliable application which helps people to track their exercise and their progress which is made in the gym. Goal and plan can be included in this application use.
Description: iPhone is the smart phone which is completed with application for people’s daily activity support including fitness. People can get exercise guide and tracking even diet program support.

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