My Nipples Hurt from Running

To much running created issue with my nipples.

I ran two hours today in a slow pace since i want to practice for my very long run, more details on that soon. Back home for shower i saw that my nipples had some bloody on them. I guess the friction on the t-shirt hurt my breast. First time for me so i checked on Google how to fix it. Found out that even have a word for it “Jogger’s nipple”.

How to fix Jogger’s nipple?

Change the shirt you use for running to a softer one or just take it of if the climate and crowd allows it.  You can also put surgical tape or plaster if you need to run the next day.They also mention some jell or cream but if you planning running for a while there is no way jelly or any cream will help, just stick with the tape or change of t-shirt. I will try one day of rest and after that i will change t-shirt and next tape.
If you are a girl you might want to try something like this below.


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