10 Amazing Food Help Lose Weight Fast

Millions of people in developed country spend a lot of money to lose their weight every year. They also take physical therapy on this cause. Some of them take medicine to be slim. Sometimes it’s not healthy for all. So they have to face some physical problem in their body. Many scientists are researching on this topic. They found some technique which helps to diet and keep body fit. The effort of a fat man to be slim may help to lose weight. This type of man should be aware about their food. Mainly fat is the main reason to increase the weight of the body. We are describing here 10 foods to lose weight fast.

 Blueberry:  Blueberry contains antioxidants, Phyto Flavonoids and vitamin C which may help lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and other disease. Its nutrient density, antioxidant strength is low that’s why anyone can enjoy berries as frozen just as good as fresh.

Salad: If you want to control calorie than you should intake by starting with a large salad.

Green tea: From scientific research in both Asia and the West, it has some benefit to drink Green tea. It has highly catechins polyphenols and EGCG. EGCG is highly powerful anti-oxidant which is the reason for inhibiting cancer cells. Through drinking green tea also help prevent tooth decay.

Pears: It is one of good source of dietary service and vitamin C. It has used to produce juice, jam, jelly etc. which are very healthy and fresh food at breakfast than other fatty foods. It’s containing 100% calories which will give you huge working energy all over the day.

Soup: A cup of chicken or vegetable soup is good for health. If you want to diet, first you should avoid eating chicken meat but you can eat chicken soup. It will satisfy hunger because your mind will perceive as filling.

Grapefruit: it has many nutrients and phytochemical which are responsible for healthy diet. It also has vitamin C, fiber pectin and beneficial anti-oxidants lycopene which is supported immune system and help to cut cold symptoms.

Fresh herbs: If you want to diet or lose your weight then you should eat fresh herb. There are 13 herbs has highly anti-oxidants which are very useful to diet and helpful to protect your body from disease.

 Orange: Orange contain vitamin C and many phytochemicals which are help lower the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, blood pressure and other inflammatory condition in women.

 Tomatoes: Tomatoes (scientific name: Solanum lycopersicum) contain Lycopene which is protected against oxidative damage in the body. Many people believe that it has benefited the heart, among other organ. It also contains vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, anthocyanin and other anti-oxidants.

Olive oil: It is helpful to burn calories by using olive oil in cooking. It contains vitamin E and many anti-oxidants which are helping to lead a long life. It also helps to lower cholesterol leading to heart disease.

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