Choosing the Best Super Food Found in Thailand

Health is one of the most important aspects for everyone. One of the simplest way in acquiring good health is by consuming healthy foods. Consuming super foods that are healthy and providing essential contents for promoting good health can be a smart thing to do. There are traditional foods that can be considered as super food due to the combination of food ingredients and the cooking method to create a healthy food that can promote personal body health. Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that is rich in various healthy super foods. Here is a list of the best super food found in Thailand.

1. Chia Seeds

This food is one of the richest source of omega 3 fatty acid that make it as one of the essential super food to promote good health. Chia seed can enhance the brain power as well as providing more energy for physical activities. The present omega 3 fatty acid also can promote good cardiovascular health. Besides highly nutritious, Chia seed can be used as part of the weight reduction diet plan. It has the combination essential components of fat, fiber, protein, calcium and also antioxidants.

2. Sea Vegetables

This kind of food is considered as essential food with super components that can promote good health for anyone who consumes the food. Including sea vegetables to the daily diet can be a healthy and smart choice due to the complete range of food components from minerals, vitamin B, calcium and also riboflavin. There are several sea vegetables that can be consumed like wakme or Alaria, dulse, arame, kombu and laver. Every sea vegetable has different components, but all of them can promote positive effects to everyone health. The sea vegetables can promote the prevention for heart and cardiovascula problems. Those who wanted to maintain the body weight can consume these vegetables as well for the balanced diet and reducing the natural appetite.

3. Spirulina

This food is very useful for cleansing the toxic in the body that can affect the metabolism as well as the performance of our organs. It can be a natural detoxifier; it has various useful and nutritious components like very high in protein, ten amino acid and also vitamins like vitamin B and E. One of the essential benefit of consuming spirulina is the heavy metal detoxification effect. The rare combination of phytonutrients on the spirulina may deliver cleansing effects for the consumer. Spurilina can cover various nutrient deficiencies; it is one of the reasons that this food can be an essential part of the healthy menus. The ability to boost the human immune system is another advantage that anyone can get by consuming this food.

4. Bearly Grass and Wheat Grass

These foods also have cleansing and detoxification effect that can clean and get rid of toxic in the human body. They contain large amount of chlorophyll as the detoxification agent. The presence of large amount of minerals, amino acids and vitamins also promote great benefits to the consumer’s health. Bearly and wheat grass can be consumed as fresh or frozen juice.

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