My Nipples Hurt from Running

To much running created issue with my nipples. I ran two hours today in a slow pace since i want to practice for my very long run, more details on that soon. Back home for shower i saw that my nipples had some bloody on them. I guess the friction on the t-shirt hurt my […]

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Healthy Diet Essentials

A healthy meal is a must for having a healthy mind in a healthy body. United States Department of Agriculture gives the full list of the most important and healthy foods that should be consumed. This list consists of low-fat dairy products, whole-grains, several kinds of vegetables and fruits. According to this institute we should […]

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Super foods that Fight Cancer

Cancer is the second most deadly disease spread around the entire world. In Thailand every 20 minutes is diagnosed a person with cancer. In most of the cases this is a disease that cannot be cured, causing so fatal outcomes. The best thing that can be done to prevent cancer from attacking our body or […]

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Super foods that get you Moving

Nowadays, passivity is the most dangerous phenomena happening to most of the people in the world. In America, 4 million people suffer from a serious disease known as “constipation.” It comes from the bad habits we all have in eating and what we choose as our daily routine meal. Instead of making our mealtime reach […]

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Flush the Fat with Smart Food Choices

Ann Louise Gittleman, a well-known nutritionist with a Ph.D. and a C.N.S., has created a marvelous diet plan which is spread out in three stages. Known as the “Fat Flash Plan,” its main goal is to maintain your body in a good form and it is also low in carbohydrate. The three stages of this […]

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Think before you Drink

This picture is from a  school project showing the amount of sugar in beverages you can buy in most shops. […]

Top Ten Fitness App on iPhone


Top Ten Fitness App on iPhone There are some reasons which make people want to use iPhone as their daily […]

10 Amazing Food Help Lose Weight Fast

Millions of people in developed country spend a lot of money to lose their weight every year. They also take […]

Super Delicious Fruits

Fruits are essential for proper human nutrition and diet. Because fruits are naturally low in calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol etc. […]

Best Super Food Found in Thailand


Choosing the Best Super Food Found in Thailand Health is one of the most important aspects for everyone. One of […]